Hutt Sports Marketing, LLC

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Harry Hutt is recognized as one of the industry's leading professionals with over 25 years of hands-on experience at the college and professional team level. During his sports marketing career he has been;

  • Executive Vice President, Corporate Sales and Marketing - Tampa Bay Lightning
  • COO/Executive Vice President, Business Operations - Portland Trailblazers
  • Senior Vice President,. Marketing Operations - Seattle Seahawks
  • Vice President, Sales, Marketing and Broadcasting - Detroit Pistons
  • COO of Action Sports College Media
  • COO of Action Sports Cable Network
  • Founder and President-Hutt Sports Group

He also held executive positions with: The Rose Garden Arena, The Palace of Auburn Hills, and Seahawks Stadium.

Career Achievements:

-- Under Hutt's leadership, the team ranked in Top Ten in NHL in sponsorship revenue for the first time

-- Ranked in top five in NBA in sponsorship revenue
-- Ranked in top five in NBA in "Big Three" revenue (sponsorships, tickets, broadcast)
-- Executed a landmark radio deal in which team received free airtime, all sales inventory, and a rights fee
-- Increased season ticket sales over 35% to over 17,000

-- Increased season ticket sales over 40% to 58,000
-- Brought radio sales and production in-house.
-- Member of management team that planned and developed the new Seahawks Stadium
-- Created sponsorship department and increased revenue by $6 million

-- Created ticket sales, broadcast and sponsor sales departments
-- Sold landmark soft drink and malt beverage sponsorship deals
-- Executive Producer / Director of Pistons television for 12 years
-- Sold first naming rights to Chrysler for indoor soccer team - Detroit Neon

- - Oversaw the development of a national college sports marketing company from two universities to 17 top Division I contracts.

-- Sold seven figure deal on behalf of HBCU's to Chrysler Corporation
-- Arizona State University consultant in their landmark suit vs. Arizona Cardinals
-- Architect of the WWE's revamped sales strategy to bring sales in-house
-- Developed sales strategy and department for Charlotte Bobcat's cable network